I was munching on some Yan Yans today and skyping the hubby when I happened upon life changing food.  I pulled these out of the tube and they made me realize that I’ve been slacking off lately.  I still haven’t finished sewing that skirt, I’ve been neglecting tumblr, and my crocheting has been at a stand still.  Now, with you as my witness, I’d like to say this.  From here on out I will try much harder to be consistent with my blog and crafting.

So yes, I am lucky today goat… Lucky I find cute animals with random phrases printed on my food inspirational.  And panda, I will go for more!  

I’ll be working all day tomorrow, but as soon as I get off I’ll hurry home to finish up my last Steve Madden review.  My JC Lita’s came in so expect that to be coming up, and some other products I received in the mail over my little hiatus.  :D


26 Sep 11 at 11 pm

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ROFLMFAO *choked on coffee*

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ROFLMFAO *choked on coffee*
18 Sep 11 at 11 pm

I love these shoulders!

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I love these shoulders!
18 Sep 11 at 11 pm


Flying with the wind

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Flying with the wind
18 Sep 11 at 11 pm

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this is just a short video of me trying to escape the auto face detection and zoom of my webcam which is IMPOSSIBLE FUCK U BILL GATES

This is the video I was talking about…. found it lol!

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17 Sep 11 at 8 pm
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Saw a short video on here the other day of a guy trying to avoid the facial recognition of his camera.  Has anyone seen it?  And does anyone know whose tumblr it came from?

16 Sep 11 at 9 pm

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